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Members Benefits


Annual Subscription Rs 2000 + Entrance Fee Rs 800 + 18% GST (Rs 3304/-)


Benefits Offered by MMA to Individual Members

Key Takeaways

Approximate Cost incurred by MMA on Events  offered to Individual Members – Complimentary


1.  36 Complimentary Lectures per year


2.  Ten Complimentary  Management Video Workshops per month



3.  One Copy of Business Mandate






6.  Subsidized fee for utilization         of facilities in MMA House


7.  Complimentary library cards


8.  Free  delivery and collection of Library books to the members by courier cost borne by MMA


9.  Nominal hire charges for borrowing DVD’s from MMA Library




MMA Lectures at Star Hotels @ Rs,1000

1 x 36 lectures  = 36 @ Rs 1000           = Rs 36,000



Video Workshop @ Rs.100
1 x 120 Videos = 120 @ Rs 100            = Rs 12,000



Business Mandate Each copy Rs.40/-
1 copy x 6 issues @ Rs.40  Plus            = Rs      240

(e-copy) including courier charges




Total cost of the benefit extended       = Rs.48,240



Additional Benefits/Advantages:

Discounted Fee for 48 workshops &

24 Certificate Courses,

Annual Convention

Women Managers Convention

Live Webcast Link to all employees

Live Radio Link to all employees


Cost of the above facilities If availed would result
in substantial saving of thousands of Rupees to Individual members in addition to amount indicated above.


Our Vision:


To be the Fountainhead of Worldclass Management Excellence in India

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