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MMA Management Centre
Date & Time
19-January-2022 06:00 PM - 19-January-2022 07:15 PM
1 Professionals
Discussion on the theme of the book "Pivots for Career Success"

R Gopalakrishnan

Tata Sons Ltd,
Former Executive Director

R Srinivasan

ITC Ltd, Kolkata,
Former Member, Corporate Management Committee

Mr R R Nair

CEO Coach, OD Consultant & Independent Director


Management is all about people – about how we think and interact. People relations is one subject that must be learnt lifelong. It is a mysterious subject. It is not the preserve of the HR department – unlike quality, accounting and marketing. People relations is the agate mortar on which the pestle of management excellence is grounded. People relations must be honed on the anvil of experience on the job. Unlike any of the other subjects of relevance, a manager must learn the subject day-by-day, every day of the career.