• Culture, Leadership and the Pandemic

    In an organisational context, culture and leadership can play a huge role in helping individuals cope with different implications, lead healthy lives and make meaningful and sustainable contributions at work.

  • Identifying and Developing Future Leaders

    Mr Y V Lakshminarayan Pandit shows the way forward for companies to identify, absorb, and nurture talent based on potential.

  • A Journey into the Fabulous Success of India's Foremost Fintech Start-Up

    Nithin Kamath bootstrapped and founded Zerodha in 2010 to overcome the hurdles he faced during his decade-long stint as a trader.

  • Brands and the World of Women

    Ms Mythili Chandrasekar unravels the Holy Grail in building brands that last and sets us on a journey to discover "product truths," including their role, soul, tone and ecosystem.

  • Strategic Patience: How India Can Rise to the China Challenge

    Eminent experts lay out the issues confronting the nation and also suggest steps to meet the challenges posed by our large and increasingly antagonistic neighbour-China.

  • The Future of AI and Digital Marketing



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